The Puppets

>> Jan 18, 2010

Kate is this sweet kindergarten teacher
who likes things like music and art...and romantic stuff.
Her dream is to put up a school just for monsters.
She thinks Princeton is a little bit racist for thinking
that she and Trekkie Monster are related.
However, she thinks he (Princeton) is cute.

1. Rod's favorite book is "Broadway Musicals Of The 1940s"
2. His free-spirited roommate is Nicky.
3. He has a girlfriend whose name is Alberta
who lives in Canada.

Princeton is the fresh graduate who is looking
for an abode he can afford as he ventures
to find his purpose!

Buy your tickets now! P1,500, P1,300, P1,000, P800 and P600.

For more details:
0917 850 2025
216 5145


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