Davines Haircare: Beauty And Sustainability

>> Mar 19, 2010

"Beauty will save the world" and sustainability can make it happen.


Fish Tacos and Chicken Burrito at Baja Mexican Cantina

Try Baja's delectable Tortilla Soup, Fish Tacos and mouth-watering adobo-style Chicken Burrito! Head over now to Baja Mexican Cantina at 3/F, Greenbelt 3. For reservations, call 756-0127. For deliveries, dial 87878 or log onto www.citydelivery.ph


A Good Time To Dine At National Sports Grill

>> Mar 18, 2010

Hey friends! It's time for burgers, pizzas and beer at National Sports Grill at Level 3, Greenbelt 3. For reservations, call 728 4126. For deliveries, call 87878 or log onto www.citydelivery.ph. See you there!


Wagyu Cheesesteak and Malcolm's Place

>> Mar 9, 2010

For mouthwatering Wagyu cheesesteaks and great-tasting salads, come to Malcolm's Place! Click here to read more.

108 Dela Costa St. cor. Tordesillas Salcedo Village, Makati City - 8440000
138 Dela Costa St. Salcedo Village, Makati City. - 7507817
Malcolm's Deli - Ground Floor Fairways Tower Condominium 5th Avenue cor. Mckinley Road, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City - 5563188


Summer's Ultimate Temptation: Vargas Butter Cake

>> Mar 8, 2010

In an era of stylized food, culinary presentation and breakthrough concepts, we still come home to simple goodness that comes from the heart. Such is the flavor from Vargas Kitchen’s Butter Cake.

A golden slab of cake nestled in a white box reminiscent of delicate porcelain, it is the kind of cake that reminds you of all good memories from an era of comfortably warm Saturday afternoons, the smell of the garden after light rain and cold Christmases of our childhood.

What began as one’s love for baking has now evolved as a sought-after dessert. The air is filled with buttery goodness as soon as the box is opened. Delectably moist, dense without being overwhelmingly sweet, Vargas Kitchen’s Butter Cake is one gustatory indulgence.


Cool And Clear Eyes By L'Oreal

His skin is different from hers. It needs made-to-measure skincare solutions specifically designed to cater to men with different ages, lifestyles and needs.

Because L’Oreal believes that men are worth it, Men Expert offers expert technology for every man’s skin, with tailor-made solutions to address tired-looking skin, beat ageing, purify oily skin, and whiten dark or uneven skin. Filipino men can enjoy the tailored solutions that only L’Oreal Paris Men Expert can offer.

Today, L’Oreal Paris Men Expert offers a cool way to get rid of eye bags and dark circles. With Hydra Energetic Icy Eye Roll-On’s active ingredient, caffeine, this product provides a refreshing, cooling effect that combats tired-looking skin with other ingredients include vitamin C and Peptido-Complex, to fight against dark circles by brightening the skin and diminishing darker pigmentation of the contours.

Now, there are no alibis for eye bags and dark circles!

Filipino men are definitely worth it.

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