Summer's Ultimate Temptation: Vargas Butter Cake

>> Mar 8, 2010

In an era of stylized food, culinary presentation and breakthrough concepts, we still come home to simple goodness that comes from the heart. Such is the flavor from Vargas Kitchen’s Butter Cake.

A golden slab of cake nestled in a white box reminiscent of delicate porcelain, it is the kind of cake that reminds you of all good memories from an era of comfortably warm Saturday afternoons, the smell of the garden after light rain and cold Christmases of our childhood.

What began as one’s love for baking has now evolved as a sought-after dessert. The air is filled with buttery goodness as soon as the box is opened. Delectably moist, dense without being overwhelmingly sweet, Vargas Kitchen’s Butter Cake is one gustatory indulgence.


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