Fueled By Dear Darla's Yellow Cab Pizza

>> Mar 8, 2010

If happiness could be baked and stuffed in a box, it would come in the form of Yellow Cab's Dear Darla Pizza . It appears like a do-it-yourself pizza with the usual tomato sauce and black olives but on a soft, thin, tortilla-type dough sliced in rectangular strips.

The experience begins by picking a narrow slice, then topped with fresh alfalfa sprouts and arugula leaves. The combination is what makes Dear Darla a choice for health buffs, with thehigh levels of vitamin C, Beta Carotene and calcium in arugula along with alfalfa sprout’s antioxidant properties. Add a bit of zing with a drizzle of mouth-watering chili oil.

Finally, roll like a mini-burrito and let the taste ooze in your mouth. Because all Yellow Cab pizzas are made from fresh ingredients, Dear Darla Pizza definitely makes for one guilt-free gastronomic delight.


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