The New Taste Of Ginger: Ginga Tea

>> Mar 8, 2010

For a light delicious tea that gives ginger a whole new meaning, try Ginga’s refreshing teas and traditional brew. Their Ginger Brew comes in individual packets, with its sweet, soothing and light taste that goes well with an afternoon snack of oatmeal cookies as well as buttered naan. Known to increase metabolism, boost bone health and act as a natural antioxidant against colds, Ginga fuses the power of ginger with homegrown plants and spices to create original blends.

Now, you can start and end your day with the aromatic flavors of Ginger Cinnamon Tea and the fragrance of Ginger Pandan Tea. Holding nature’s healing properties and well-being with the highest regard, Ginga uses 100% natural ingredients in creating locally-made products with a global flavor.


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